João Pires Internacional Transportes, Lda.

50 years of Excellence

Founded in 1987, João Pires Internacional Transportes Lda could already draw on the experience of its founder, João Pires, spanning over 20 years. Having started out in the domestic transport sector with only one truck, he ventured into international transport in 1978.

The current premises were inaugurated in 2002, marking a key moment in our history. Equipped with optimal conditions for organizing and providing transport and logistics, and located in Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal, enabled more jobs to be created and enhanced business organisation.


A domestic and international benchmark

We are part of a limited range of companies with Excellence Service and industry leaders, certified according to NP EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

We are members of ANTRAM (National Association of Road Hauliers) and sitting members of the European hauliers group, ASTRE (Association of European Road Hauliers).

We look to the future with optimism, as our customers’ trust is the result of first-class work. We believe that the strengthening and continuous modernisation of our fleet are indispensable tools in responding to goods transport demands. (position under the photo, centred and slightly larger)


The company, with simple organisation, few departments and close links between the existing hierarchical levels, has Road Freight Transport and Logistics as our mission. This combines with appropriate quality and safety standards when strictly complying with agreed delivery dates and with competitive price and quality conditions. This means we guarantee the best logistics and domestic and international transport of goods services.


Our strategic vision focuses on sustained growth in turnover, through customer loyalty, constant fleet renewal, professional training for our employees, an appropriate price and quality policy via expanding work segments. We aim to continue being a benchmark in domestic and international transport of goods and establish ourselves as a reliable partner in the Logistics sector.


– Respect, Quality, Loyalty and Trust;
– Unparalleled response capacity and availability;
– Partnerships with demanding customers;
– High quality, constant customer monitoring;
– Light, flexible and effective organisation, enabling proper decision-making chain functioning;
– Flow of information capacity;

Our motto is to constantly improve our services to enhance our performance and provide the best services to our customers.



We invest in organisational and professional development, creating motivation and engagement policies meaning we can meet our customers’ expectations effectively and in high-quality fashion.
We have highly qualified employees who undergo regular professional training. Investing in your growth is one of our priorities.


Functional, with a superb geographical location, state-of-the-art equipment and excellent Stock Management. Constant growth and the commitment to highly-trusted partners means our facilities remain cutting edge.

We believe that our investment in a recent fleet, equipped with advanced technology, guarantees compliance with our commitment to the environment, reducing CO2 transmission and minimising the impact of transport on the planet.